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Name: Shanghai Great Law Firm
Address: 6F,Building 5,Gongping Road 18, Shanghai, P.R.C, 200086
Tel: (+8621) 65153987/65153907
Fax: (+8621) 65153997
E-mail: jieming@jieminglawyer.com

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About Us

As an international law firm, Shanghai Great Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services to both Chinese and multinational clients, and takes pride in its global perceptive, its lawyers’expertise and their experience.

Shanghai Great Law Firm is dedicated to its clients. We provide a full range of long-term legal services for organizations and individuals with domestic or international back ground, including legal support solutions for business activities and arrangements concerning domestic and foreign investment. We also specialize in handling all types of legal disputes. With years of practices we are now wildly recognized and acclaimed by both clients and legal professionals.

Shanghai Great Law Firm is proud of its excellent service team and attaches great importance to the employment of talents. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with customized, high-quality and standardized legal services. Each service team is equipped with experienced lawyers, senior advisers, public relation coordinators and customer service personnel to ensure a thoughtful and efficient service.

Shanghai Great Law Firm provides services in all areas. Our lawyers have demonstrated excellent performances in company, business, mergers and acquisitions, asset reorganization, liquidation, foreign direct investment, civil and commercial litigation and arbitration, taxation, customs, foreign exchange, labor, product quality and liability, intellectual property, construction, real estate and many other areas. Our law firm and the service team can help customers with a comprehensive solution to various problems accordingly, and help customers to achieve business plans and arrangements efficiently, with due diligence and care.

The lawyers of Shanghai Great Law Firm are devoted to firm's ideals: efficiency and excellence. We help our clients in identifying opportunities rationally, in analyzing problems, in reducing risks, and in planning innovative and operational proposals. Great Law Firm can always prevent and settle the disputes of business activities effectively and legitimately in order to maximize the profits.