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Service Features

Great law Firm has always been adhering to the motto of striving to excellence, commitment to justice since it was established, and it has been served as the perennial legal counsel by hundreds of various types of enterprises, and dealt with hundreds of large---scale special legal affairs. With its services of specialization, Great Law Firm provides customers with professional and customer---oriented legal services to meet business needs.
Great Law Firm is composed of an excellent service team, including professional lawyers, interpreters, senior consultants, and customer service personnel providing personalized legal services to suit the different needs of customers around the world.
Great Law Firm adopts the international advanced management mode of corporate system and the sharing of information resources as its business approach.
Great Law Firm is served as perennial legal counsel for hundreds of Chinese and foreign clients. With the meticulous division of labor, it holds professional advantages in foreign direct investment, merger and reorganization, finance, securities, customs, taxation, foreign exchange, technology import and export, commercial contracts, labor, real estate, intellectual property, products liability and other legal services.
Great Law Firm maintains good business relations with governmental departments of business, industry and commerce, taxation, customs, foreign exchange and other functional departments.
Great Law Firm maintains a good contact and cooperational relationship with a number of foreign law firms and other overseas professional consulting agencies to integrate supporting services of legal, tax, and certified public accountants and other banks with professional standards and qualities for domestic and foreign customers.
By the means of professional speeches, panel discussions and expert Q&A, etc, Great Law Firm provides professional training to propose professional tips and guidelines in business practices of legal problems and possible legal risks, to guide enterprises to establish and improve rules and regulations in compliance with the law, to help enterprises improve their response to the crisis and deal with various types of business disputes, to promote the harmonious relationship between domestic and foreign enterprises and to prevent disputes or the generation of abnormal economic losses. During the training courses, we will answer specific questions on-the –spot to make the training more targeted and effective. Great Law Firm shall decide the main training courses by the means of on-the-spot questionnaires exchanging, etc, all customers of Great Law Firm can apply for the course, and Great Law Firm can also arrange individual training course in accordance with the needs of enterprises.