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Minister of Commerce Chen Deming Visited Zimbabwe

Time:2013-05-02   Hits:2349

Minister of Commerce Chen Deming, head of Chinese business delegation, was on a visit to Zimbabwe on February 21 -24.

Ms. Mujuru, the Acting President of Zimbabwe, met with Mr. Chen Deming and his party in the morning of February 22. Mr. Chen said that, China-Zimbabwe cooperation is pragmatic, and has been progressed smoothlyin such areas as development assistance, infrastructure, investment and financing, with satisfactory results achieved. China will continue to provide supportto Zimbabwe in economic and social development and improving the capacity for independent development within its ability, and will encourage more Chinese enterprises to invest in Zimbabwe, and carry out mutually beneficial cooperation in such areas of Zimbabwe’s concerns as agriculture and infrastructure. China also would like to exchange experience with Zimbabwein opening up anddeveloping national economy.

Ms. Mujuru spoke highly of the greatachievements madeinChina-Zimbabwe economic and trade cooperation, and expressed gratitude to China’s assistance and financial support. Ms. Mujuru welcomed more Chinese enterprises to expand investment in Zimbabwe, and said Zimbabwewould provide facilitation support for development of Chinese enterprises. Ms. Mujuru expressed admiration for China’s achievements since the reform and opening up, hoping to learn the experience of China in economic development.

Mr. Chen held talks respectively with Mr.Goche, Zimbabwe’s Acting Foreign Minister, and Mr. Biti, the Finance Minister of Zimbabwe, and signed agreement on economic and technical cooperation between China andZimbabwe.

Mr. Chen also inspected the agricultural demonstration center, Long Cheng Plaza Mall and KaribaHydropower Plant, which were built with China’s assistance, and helda symposium with the Chinese enterprises in Zimbabwe. He hoped Chinese enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities, and tocreate more employment opportunities for local communities, so as to make greater contribution to the economic development of Zimbabwe, which is the only way to achieve long-term development. 

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