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Minister Chen Deming on Visit Namibia

Time:2013-05-02   Hits:1784

Mr. Chen Deming, Minister of Commerce, headed a Chinese governmentaleconomic and trade delegation on a visit to Namibia from February 19 to 21.

Mr. Geingob, Prime Minister of Namibia, met with Minister Chen Deming and his party in the afternoon of February 19. Minister Chen said that economic and trade relations between China and Namibia has developed rapidly at recent years and bilateral trade and investment maintain a rapidgrowth momentum. Chinese side is willing to further expand the scale of bilateral trade and import more non-resource-based products from Namibia. Meanwhile, Chinese side will also promote more labor-intensive industry enterprises to expand investment in Namibia, support Namibia to carry out vocational and technical training, and help Namibia to create more job opportunities.To this end, China is ready to discuss with Namibian side the construction of industrial parks to attract more Chinese enterprises and enterprises from other countries to invest in Namibia.

Mr. Geingob, Prime Minister of Namibia, spoke highly of positive results achieved by bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and said that the sincere and frank proposals put forward by Chinese side, such as, expanding investment in Namibia, carrying out personnel training, helping youth to improve their employability, and creating more job opportunities for Namibian, is what Namibian need urgently and expected, and only Namibian true friend will do this. Prime Minister Geingob stressed that Namibian Government and he himself will continue to support and deepen friendly cooperation between Namibia and China in economy and trade.

During his visit, Minister Chen Deming also held talks with Namibian Minister of Trade and Industry and Director of the State Planning Commission respectively, and signed with Namibia Agreement of Bilateral Economic and Technological Cooperation. 

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